In addition, the following points, for example, can be defined per measure:

  • the project phase of the measure
  • the person responsible for carrying out the measures
  • the planned processing date
  • a description of the measures, e.g. to  define guidelines for processing the measures
  • further user-defined information
  • an evaluation of the measures with the help of a configurable measure evaluation catalog

Support in identifying measures

REXS supports the definition of appropriate measures for risk mitigation with the help of a constantly growing knowledge database. The measures that can be taken for a specific risk can be queried at the click of a mouse.


Measurement management - efficient and exhaustive

When it comes to the external processing of measures, sorted and filtered measure lists can be created in REXS at the push of a button.
However, all measures to be processed can also be managed and tracked easily and centrally in the REXS measures module.