As a result, risk knowledge - across the entire product lifecycle - can be easily represented and reused in REXS. This simplifies and accelerates risk communication and the review of risks/measures.



Knowledge already acquired is no longer lost, but continues to be available throughout the company in a well-structured form and can be accessed at any time - true to the motto:

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time!

The REXS knowledge database

Risk analyses are always carried out for defined “objects”—plants, products and processes as well as their combination. When creating new risk analyses, REXS shows you the risks that are specifically relevant for these objects at the push of a button.


In doing so, the system draws on all the data already in the system from old risk analyses:

  • Suggestions for risks, assessments and measures
  • Comprehensive query options according to documents, customers, locations, etc.
  • Version comparison of risk analysis documents
  • Efficient knowledge transfer: previously acquired knowledge can be easily and extensively reused
  • Your risk knowledge grows with each analysis