Electronic document creation with REXS

Due to the REXS databaseĀ“s ability to combine and display data sets as desired,  documents such as the risk assessment, test protocols and reports, test and traceability matrices can be created, exported or printed out as (electronic) documents in compliance with GMP requirements - simply at the touch of a button.

Documents - e.g. PIDs or SOPs - can be uploaded to the REXS database, linked within the risk assessment and "printed out".

In order to be able to create GMP-compliant documents, no complex workflows need to be created in REXS. All that is required is the assignment of (company-specific configurable) print layouts and the definition of the document parts to be printed.

In REXS, documents can also be reviewed, released and approved by authorized persons via a guided release process - electronically with a simple electronic signature.

In addition, the import / export of data to or from REXS is possible.


Versioning and release of documents in REXS


Version controlled documents can be created in the REXS database and released with or without a guided release process.
Once a risk assessment / traceability matrix has been approved, the associated documents are archived in REXS in an unchangeable format and are available "at the push of a button"  if required.